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Auspicious Dates for Spring Cleaning 2022

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning marks the start of the Lunar New Year with a symbolic gesture of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new for a prosperous year ahead. Despite modern lifestyles being increasingly busy, many people still observe the tradition of spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year.

Families engage in thorough cleaning, which includes tidying up the surroundings, washing household appliances, disassembling and cleaning curtains and bedding, washing windows, mopping the floors, and dusting. This collective effort is aimed at preparing their homes for the Lunar New Year.

The Chinese characters “chen” [尘] and “chen” [陈], meaning ‘dust’ and ‘old’ respectively, are homophonic, symbolizing the removal of both dust and the old. Historical records also mention the practice of year-end spring cleaning. From a scientific perspective, maintaining cleanliness in the household is conducive to the well-being of your family.

It’s considered inauspicious to conduct spring cleaning during the first to fifth day of the first lunar month. Hence, it’s essential to choose an auspicious date for spring cleaning to ensure a smooth and prosperous start. Consult the following dates to begin your spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning dates 2022

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