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Post Renovation Cleaning Services In Singapore

By Our Highly Accredited WSQ Trained Team

A Solution To Both Home Owners & ID firms

After completing your renovation project, let our skilled team handle the mess.

We specialize in thorough post renovation cleaning services to eliminate dust, debris, and restore your space’s cleanliness. Whether residential or commercial, our experts are equipped for any task. From meticulous floor cleaning to sanitization, we take care of every detail.

Sit back and enjoy a pristine, refreshed space with our efficient after renovation cleaning services.

Typical Duration of A Post Renovation Cleaning Service

At our cleaning service, we understand the importance of time management without compromising on quality.

The duration of the post renovation cleaning process can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, we strive to work efficiently and complete the cleaning within a reasonable timeframe. Our dedicated team is trained to deliver high-quality service while being mindful of time constraints, ensuring that your space is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its pristine condition promptly and efficiently.

Benefits of Post Renovation Cleaning

Health and Hygiene

Post renovation cleaning eliminates dust, allergens, and other potential health hazards, creating a clean and healthy environment for occupants.

Protection and Preservation

Thorough cleaning after renovation helps preserve the newly renovated surfaces, preventing damage, stains, and wear and tear, thus safeguarding your investment.

Safety and Comfort

By removing debris, nails, and other construction remnants, post renovation cleaning ensures a safe and comfortable space, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

What's included with Cleaning After a Renovation?

Living, Dining & Bedrooms

  1. Wiping exterior and interior surfaces (if empty) of cabinets
  2. Cleaning and wiping doors & switch sockets
  3. Detailed mopping of entire floors, edges & skirting 


  1. Disinfecting toilet bowls, basins & vanity tops

  2. Wiping exterior & interior surfaces (if empty) cabinets

  3. Polishing mirrors and glass screens

  4. Scrubbing walls & floors


  1. Wiping of walls

  2. Wiping exterior and interior surfaces (if empty) of cabinets

  3. Cleaning of electrical appliances

  4. Scrubbing of floorings


  1. Detail window cleaning (Window sills, interior glass panes, and exterior glass panes if reachable)

After Renovation Cleaning Rates


(~500 - 799 sqft)

$ 350 onwards

Condo 2 Bedroom / HDB 2-3 Room

(~800 - 900 sqft)

$ 400 onwards

Condo 3 Bedroom / HDB 4-5 Room

(~1000 - 1399 sqft)

$ 450 onwards

Condo 4 Bedroom / HDB Maisonette

(~1400 - 1800 sqft)

$ 650 onwards

Penthouse / Landed

(~Above 1800 sqft)

View & Quote is necessary

The cost may vary depending on factors such as With / Without Furniture & Actual Conditions of House.

Why Choose Total Cleanz

Organized & Trained Staff

Count on our organized and trained staff for efficient and thorough spring cleaning services. Your home will be left fresh and rejuvenated.

Fully Equipped with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Our team is fully equipped with eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring a safe and sustainable spring cleaning experience for your home.

Post Cleaning Inspection with Client

We conduct a post-cleaning inspection with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and address any specific concerns or requests they may have.

Committed Supervisor Throughout Entire Cleaning Process

Our dedicated supervisor remains committed and present throughout the entire cleaning process, overseeing every detail to ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

Experience and Expertise

We excel with 20 years of experience, skilled professionals, and advanced technology, guaranteeing unparalleled expertise in delivering exceptional cleaning services.

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