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Move Out Cleaning Singapore

By Our Trusted Experts

Our Moving Out Cleaning Services Is The Solution to Both Landlords & Tenants

If you’re preparing to move out of your current residence and need a comprehensive and professional cleaning services to return the unit to your landlord, or if you are the landlord and wishes to present the best condition of your unit to your prospective tenants, you’ve come to the right place. Our team specializes in providing top-notch moving out cleaning services tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Benefits of Moving out Cleaning

Cleaning before moving out is important to ensure a healthy environment for the next occupants, protect your investment by preserving the property’s condition, enhance safety by removing hazards, and leave a positive impression for a smooth transition.

total cleanz move out cleaning benefits Security Deposit Retrieval

Security Deposit Retrieval

A thorough moving out cleaning increases the chances of getting your full security deposit back, as landlords require a clean and well-maintained property.

total cleanz move out cleaning benefits Time Saving and Stress Reduction

Time-Saving and Stress Reduction

Hiring professionals saves time and alleviates stress during the already busy moving process, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

total cleanz move out cleaning benefits Fresh Start and Peace of Mind

Fresh Start and Peace of Mind

Leaving a clean and sanitized space provides a fresh start for the next occupants and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your old residence is in a pristine condition.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

When is the best time to get a Move Out Cleaning?

The best time to schedule move out cleaning is typically right before you hand over the keys to your property. By hiring professional move out cleaning services in singapore, such as our company, you can ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

We offer a range of professional services tailored to meet your specific needs, including deep cleaning, sanitization, and debris removal. As a reliable service provider, we understand the importance of meeting the expectations of both tenants and landlords.

By delivering exceptional cleaning results, we strive to leave a positive impression on tenants, ensuring their security deposit retrieval, while also satisfying landlords with a well-maintained and ready-to-rent property for the next tenants.

Our goal is to be a trusted move out cleaner, providing reliable and high-quality services for a smooth transition.

Difference in Move In/Out Cleaning &
General Cleaning

Cleaning Services

  • Designed to prepare a residence for new occupants, ensuring a clean and welcoming space.


  • Involve deep cleaning of surfaces, sanitizing bathrooms, deep degreasing of kitchens and removing any debris or residue from previous tenants.


  • Focuses on creating an optimal environment for new residents.


General House
Cleaning Services

  • Regular cleaning routine and maintenance of a residence


  • They encompass basic like dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and tidying living spaces. (Without using ladders)


  • To maintain cleanliness and tidiness on a consistent basis, ensuring a comfortable living space for occupants.

Move Out Cleaning Rates

Studio Apartment

(~500 – 799 sqft)

$ 350 onwards

Condo 2 Bedroom / HDB 2-3 Room

(~800 – 900 sqft)

$ 400 onwards

Condo 3 Bedroom / HDB 4-5 Room

(~1000 – 1399 sqft)

$ 450 onwards

Condo 4 Bedroom / HDB Maisonett

(~1400 – 1800 sqft)

$ 650 onwards

Penthouse / Landed

(~Above 1800 sqft)

View & Quote is necessary

The cost may vary depending on factors such as With / Without Furniture & Actual Conditions of House.

Our Moving Out Cleaning Inclusions

total cleanz spring cleaning services living dining

Living Spaces, Dining & Bedrooms

  1. Vacuuming cobwebs
  2. Wiping the shelves and the empty cabinet interiors and exteriors surface
  3. Cleaning and wiping doors 
  4. Cleaning and wiping of switch and sockets, window interior, ceiling fans and normal light fixtures
  5. Detailed mopping of entire floor area, edges & skirting
total cleanz spring cleaning services bathroom


  1. Disinfecting and cleaning toilet bowls, basins, vanity tops & shower area
  2. Wiping exterior & interior surfaces of empty cabinets

  3. Polishing mirrors and glass surfaces

  4. Scrubbing tiled walls & floors
total cleanz spring cleaning services kitchen


  1. Degreasing of wall tiles
  2. Wiping exterior and interior surfaces of kitchen cabinets (if empty)
  3. Degreasing the cooker hood & stove
  4. Degreasing and cleaning of kitchen appliances including  interior oven & microwave
  5. Cleaning interior of fridge
  6. Scrubbing of floorings
  7. Wiping of dining tables
total cleanz spring cleaning services others


  1. Detail window cleaning (glass windows, window interiors, metal grilles and exterior glass panes if reachable)

Additional Costs May Be Incurred for:

total cleanz move out cleaning not included Wiping of walls ceilings

Wiping of walls & ceilings with disinfectant

total cleanz move out cleaning not included Removal of wall stains

Removal of wall stains

total cleanz move out cleaning not included Dismantling of light covers 2 e1696993719441

Dismantling of light covers to clean the interior

total cleanz move out cleaning not included Disposal of furniture

Furniture Disposal &/ belongings

Frequently Asked Questions about Total Cleanz Program

Move in/move out cleaning is a specialized cleaning service designed for individuals or businesses who are either vacating a property or moving into a new house. Move Out Cleaning pertains to the process of cleaning your former home with minimal or no furniture present. It involves a thorough cleaning session of the entire house or working space, ensuring it is in top condition for the new tenants. This service typically includes cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, fixtures, appliances, and often includes tasks such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens. However, take note that this would not include post-renovation cleaning and handyman services like fixing electricity wiring as part of its scope. The goal is to leave the space fresh, clean, and ready for a new resident or next tenant. This ensures a smooth transition when moving into a new property. Luckily, Total Cleanz is your best move in and move out cleaning service in Singapore.

Total Cleanz offers an intelligent choice for moving out cleaning services in Singapore. Our team of professionals saves you time, relieves the stress associated with moving, and allows you to focus on essential tasks during your transition. We meticulously clean every corner and gap of your property, covers part that are not covered in regular cleaning, even the hard-to-reach spots, ensuring it complies with lease requirements and increases your chances of recovering your security deposit. A clean property can also enhance its appeal to potential buyers if you’re selling. When you hire our cleaning company, you can avoid physical strain and the risk of injuries, as we come equipped with the right cleaning equipment, tools, and top-quality cleaning products. Our home cleaning services can be customized to meet your specific needs, promoting a healthier living environment. In essence, our cleaning service ensures a smoother move, fulfills lease obligations, and leaves your property in pristine condition, all while reducing your stress and saving you valuable time.

The duration of a move-out cleaning for a 2-5 room HDB/condo apartment can range from 3 to 6 hours, depending on factors such as house size, cleanliness, the number of rooms, special requirements, cleaning supplies, and the cleaner’s experience. Our checkout process will automatically adjust your booking duration to match the recommended time for a home of your size.

The worthiness of house cleaning services from Total Cleanz varies depending on several factors, including your schedule, cleaning standards, health considerations, special occasions, budget, and the frequency of service. If you have a busy lifestyle and value convenience, hiring a cleaning service can be worthwhile. The quality of our services meet your cleaning expectations. If you or your family have health concerns, our professional cleaning services can help maintain a healthy environment. In terms of cost, you’ll find that our service is both budget-friendly and offers excellent value for your money.

Choosing our cleaning company can lift the burden of End of Tenancy Cleaning off your shoulders. While there are a few companies in Singapore that offer Post Tenancy Cleaning service, we stand out as the best cleaning service provider.

Booking our end of tenancy cleaning services is a straightforward process.

Start by reaching out to us through our contact form. Provide your name, company name (if applicable), email address, and contact number. Please make sure to fill in the required fields indicated by (*Required).

After receiving your request, our team will get in touch with you to discuss the details, provide a quote, and schedule the thorough cleaning sessions at a time that suits you best. We are committed to making the booking process as smooth and convenient as possible for our valued customers.

Total Cleanz offers a range of services to meet your needs including regular cleaning, spring cleaning services and other sanitization services.

Why Choose Total Cleanz

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Organized & Trained Staff

Count on our professional cleaners for efficient and thorough move out cleaning services. Your home will be left fresh and rejuvenated.

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Fully Equipped with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Our team is fully equipped with eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning equipment, ensuring a safe and sustainable spring cleaning experience for your home.

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Post Cleaning Inspection with Client

We conduct an end of tenancy cleaning inspection with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and address any specific concerns or requests they may have.

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Committed Supervisor Throughout Entire Cleaning Process

Our dedicated supervisor remains committed and present throughout the entire cleaning process, overseeing every detail to ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction.


Experience and Expertise

We excel with 20 years of experience, skilled professionals, and advanced technology, guaranteeing unparalleled expertise in delivering exceptional cleaning services.

Highly Rated By Our Customers

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Leading the Industry
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Expert Deep Cleaning to Revitalize Your Home

  • Thorough cleaning in every corner

  • Team of 3 to 4 dedicated cleaning staff.

  • Supervisor present throughout the cleaning.

  • Post-cleaning inspection included.

  • Fully equipped for precise and efficient cleaning.
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