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Disinfection & Fogging

Your Trusted NEA Certified Specialists

Proven Effective Against Covid 19 & Other Respiratory Diseases

Disinfection service is important for any organization or homes to maintain a high level of hygiene. With proper cleaning & disinfection can definitely help in reducing the chances of sickness and airborne viruses. We are also officially recognized by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to conduct reliable disinfection services, ensuring clean and hygienic environments.

Our Steps of Disinfection & Fogging

Step 1


It is the first step in a complete decontamination process. This ensures easier and more effective removal of micro organisms with more intensive methods later.

Step 2


A process that eliminates many or all pathogenic microorganisms.  It actually breaks down the components of virus (E.g. membrane, protein structures etc), rendering it inactivated.

Step 3

Antimicrobial Coating Service


  1. Up to 1 year protection from viruses.
  2. Our professional team is certified by NEA.
  3. We use hospital grade disinfectant and our coating solution are all approved by NEA.
  4. We have vast experiences disinfecting factories, offices, childcare centres, homes etc.
  5. We are dedicated and committed to provide our best to protect our customers.

Why Choose Total Cleanz


Count on our team of NEA-certified professionals who possess the expertise and qualifications to deliver exceptional service. With their specialized knowledge, you can trust in their ability to meet your needs with utmost professionalism and skill.

Our Disinfectant: Hospital-Grade and Recognized by NEA

Trust our disinfectant, meeting the highest hospital-grade standards. With NEA recognition, it ensures superior efficacy. Rest easy knowing you're using a trusted solution for a hygienic environment.

Safe for All: Babies, Elderly, Pregnant Women, and Pet-Friendly

Experience peace of mind with our NEA-recognized, hospital-grade disinfectant. Designed to be safe for babies, elderly individuals, pregnant women, and pets, it provides thorough protection while ensuring a healthy environment for everyone.

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