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Window Cleaning Services Singapore

By Our Trusted Experts

The Ultimate Shine - All Clear & No Smear

Windows are the eyes of your home or workplace, letting in natural light and fostering a connection with the outside world. But when interior and exterior surfaces are covered with dust and dirt, these portals become clouded, diminishing the beauty of your space and potentially impacting your health. This simply means that regular, professional window cleaning is essential to maintain a bright and inviting environment.

This is where the expert window cleaning service that Total Cleanz provides in Singapore comes into the picture.

We specialise in window cleaning for HDB, apartments, condos, and residential to commercial units. Our professional window cleaners services are dedicated to providing exceptional service for every job, big and small. We use the right window cleaning tools and techniques, as well as eco-friendly solutions to ensure the ultimate shine – all clear and with no smear, every time.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning?

Investing in window cleaning services offers many benefits for your space, enhancing not just the look of your windows but also contributing to a healthier and more efficient environment.

Enhanced Curb Appeal:

Clean windows instantly elevate the overall appearance of your property.

Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Removing dust and grime from windows allows for better ventilation and contributes to cleaner air inside your home or office.

Clearer Views & More Natural Light:

Enjoy unobstructed views and brighter interiors with sparkling clean windows.

Increased Energy Efficiency:

Cleaner windows can improve insulation and energy efficiency as more sunlight can penetrate into your space, reducing the need for artificial lighting and potentially lowering energy cost

Extended Window Lifespan:

Regular window cleaning prevents damage and extends the life of your windows.

Our Window Cleaning Services in Singapore

Here at Total Cleanz, we handle comprehensive window cleaning services to cater to every need:

Residential Window Cleaning

Our residential window cleaning is designed to bring a new level of clarity to your home (of all your home’s windows, both inside and out). Our professional window cleaners meticulously remove dirt, dust, and water spots, leaving your windows spotless. We use eco-friendly solutions and leading technologies to provide a thorough cleaning without damaging your windows or the environment. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

We understand the importance of upholding a clean and professional image for your business. Our commercial cleaning services cover every aspect of your commercial windows, from the glass panes to the frames and tracks, ensuring a sparkling first impression for your clients. We offer flexible scheduling to minimise disruptions to your daily operations.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Cleaning high-rise windows requires specialised skills and equipment. Our team is extensively trained in advanced cleaning techniques and safety protocols to handle even the most challenging situations. Our fully insured professional high-rise window cleanerswill help you maintain a clean and shiny look for your windows without causing any damage.

Additional Services

We also offer:

  • Protection treatments for glass surfaces (Coming soon!)

  • Hard water stain removal

  • Light fixture cleaning & dusting

Foamy liquid on window glass during washing from spray bottle.

What to Expect During Our Service

Our window cleaning process is systematic and efficient. We prioritise safety measures and handle each cleaning task with care to ensure the best results for your windows.

Transparency is core to our service. Here’s a general outline of how we approach each cleaning:

  1. Consultation: We discuss your needs and provide a customised cleaning plan.

  2. Assessment & Quoting: We assess the job and provide a transparent quote with no hidden fees. 

  3. Preparation: We protect your furniture and surrounding areas from any splashes. Our team prepares the area by moving furniture, protecting floors, and removing any items that might interfere with the process.

  4. Initial Cleaning: We start with the initial pass using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and squeegees.

  5. Detail Work (Complete Window Cleaning): We use a multi-step process to remove dirt, grime, and stains, ensuring a perfect finish. This phase includes cleaning the entire window surface – interior and exterior glass cleaning.

  6. Quality Check: The team conducts a thorough inspection to guarantee streak-free windows.

  7. Client Review: We involve you in the final walk-through to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Your feedback matters.

Experience the Difference: Our Meticulous Approach to Window Cleaning

To achieve a streak-free shine when cleaning windows, we utilise eco-friendly solutions and tools that are effective yet gentle on your windows. Eco-friendly window cleaning solutions are alternatives to traditional products that contain harmful chemicals, offering a safer and greener approach to cleaning. These solutions are typically made from natural, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for your family, the environment, and health.

Our leading tools include microfibre cloths, strip washers, squeegees, and eco-friendly professional detergents for a flawless finish.

Window Cleaning Essentials:
Solutions & Tools for a Streak-Free Shine

To achieve a streak-free shine when cleaning windows, we utilise eco-friendly solutions and tools that are effective yet gentle on your windows. Eco-friendly window cleaning solutions are alternatives to traditional products that contain harmful chemicals, offering a safer and greener approach to cleaning. These solutions are typically made from natural, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for your family, the environment, and health.

Our leading tools include microfibre cloths, strip washers, squeegees, and eco-friendly professional detergents for a flawless finish.

What Are the 3 Important Things Required for a Good Window Cleaning?

  1. A set of lambswool and window squeegee. A good rubber quality for the squeegee will result in streak-free panels after cleaning.
  3. An effective window-cleaning chemical mixture. This will react with the dirt, and we will remove the dirt easily after wiping it.
  5. An efficient window cleaning technique. Usually, we apply the S-technique. With the right steps, our staff can clean the windows professionally in a shorter timeframe.

Cleaning chemical in a bottle, isolated on a white background side view.
Short handled window squeegee and lambswool, colored blue

How to Clean Windows

    1. Assess the conditions of the windows—for example, window hinges, window handles, and other components.

    2. Wipe and brush away the dust from the window sills, frames, tracks, and glass panels.

    3. Mix the chemicals into the pail of water with the correct ratio. It’s important to note that too much chemicals will also cause visible markings on the panels after drying. 

    4. Wet the lambswool into the pail of the mixture, allowing it to absorb the solution thoroughly.

    5. Then, apply on the panels using a squeegee with the S-technique. Repeat the process until all panels are squeezed.

    6. Touch up the windows with a piece of dry cloth.

Window Cleaning Service Rates

Studio Apartment

(~500 - 799 sqft)
$ 250 onwards

Condo 2 Bedroom / HDB 2-3 Room

(~800 - 900 sqft)

$ 280 onwards

Condo 3 Bedroom / HDB 4-5 Room

(~1000 - 1399 sqft)

$ 350 onwards

Condo 4 Bedroom / HDB Maisonette

(~1400 - 1800 sqft)

$ 450 onwards

Penthouse / Landed

(~Above 1800 sqft)
View & Quote is necessary

The cost may vary depending on factors such as the Window Height, Grill Type, Specific Stains, Frame Color, as well as our commitment to safety and the well-being of our workers, demonstrated through rigorous risk assessment.

Our staff members are highly qualified and certified in various essential areas, including the Work at Height certificate, Boom Lift certificate, and Scissor Lift certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular maintenance is key to keeping windows in pristine condition. You can clean your windows more often if you live in an area with high levels of dust and pollution, such as having a construction site nearby. These minute particles will build up on your windows over time. Your windows may also be exposed to acidic rain or harsher industrial chemicals, causing window damage if not cleaned off regularly. Typically, window cleaning every 6 months to 12 months may be necessary.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) recommends following a “Check-Clean-Change” every 6 months to ensure your windows work smoothly and remain safe for everyone.

Yes, professional window cleaners are highly trained and experienced in each skill, committed to high cleaning standards; professional window cleaning is indeed a worthwhile investment.

Here’s why hiring our window cleaning services is worth it.

  • We are equipped with the correct skills to assess risks on-site before and during the job.

  • We acquire essential Work at Height certificate for any job of 2m and above.

  • We are a BCA-registered contractor.

  • We give you peace of mind of a quality job.

  • We save you precious time!

Yes! Window cleaning is very important, especially for homeowners and building owners. Clean windows bring much to your space, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality.

  • A clear view of the outside world can improve morale and health. You immediately feel happy! You also leave a good impression on your customers or guests.

  • A buildup of grime, dirt, and mildew can etch and amp; damage the glass surface. Regular cleaning can extend its lifespan.

  • Protect indoor air quality. Regular professional window cleaning removes dust, allergens and mould while improving ventilation and natural light entry. 

  • Maintain the home’s energy efficiency levels. Clear window panels allow maximum sunlight to penetrate through the glass. This natural light not only brightens up your space but also reduces the need for artificial lighting. Using natural light can lower your energy usage and save on electricity bills.

Plus, window cleaning is a cost-effective way to maintain the value of your space. At Total Cleanz, you can get professional window cleaning services for your Singapore property for just $250!

If you’re looking for information on discount packages for cleaning services, you may reach out to us.

Unexpected things can happen during the cleaning process. While our team exercises the utmost care, we are fully insured in the event of accidental damage. This means we will take full responsibility for any damages (Except wear & tear) and professionally handle all necessary repairs or replacements. Our client’s peace of mind is our priority.

The time varies based on the type and size of the premise, the number and size of windows, and their condition. A typical residential property may take 2 to 4 hours, whereas commercial properties and high-rises can take longer. We will provide an estimated time frame during your consultation.

Stubborn stains on windows, including hard water stains, bird droppings, and other tough marks, can be removed with professional cleaning. We have the expertise and equipment to safely remove even the toughest stains without damaging your windows.

Booking with us is simple. You may call us directly, email us, or fill in the contact form on our website. Our team will get back to you promptly to discuss your needs and set up a convenient time for your window cleaning service.

Why Choose Total Cleanz for Window Cleaning Services?

Organized & Trained Staff

Count on our professional cleaners for efficient and thorough move out cleaning services. Your home will be left fresh and rejuvenated.

Fully Equipped with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Our team is fully equipped with eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning equipment, ensuring a safe and sustainable spring cleaning experience for your home.

Post Cleaning Inspection with Client

We conduct an end of tenancy cleaning inspection with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and address any specific concerns or requests they may have.

Committed Supervisor Throughout Entire Cleaning Process

Our dedicated supervisor remains committed and present throughout the entire cleaning process, overseeing every detail to ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

Experience and Expertise

We excel with 20 years of experience, skilled professionals, and advanced technology, guaranteeing unparalleled expertise in delivering exceptional cleaning services.

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