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Case Study : Midnight Cleaning at Winners Nest Clubhouse

Challenge: Messy aftermath of a nighttime pool party

Winners Nest Clubhouse hosted a pool party for members and guests. At the end of the night, the pool area was covered in trash, food, and drinks. The restrooms were in a terrible state, and the game room was a mess. The management team needed to clean up the clubhouse before it opened again the next day.


Solution: Midnight cleaning job by Total Cleanz

  • Mobilized team with necessary equipment and cleaning supplies, including mops, brooms, disinfectants, and trash bags
  • Divided team into smaller groups to simultaneously clean pool area, restrooms, and game room
  • Cleaned and disinfected every surface, including floors, walls, counters, and equipment
  • Removed trash and debris from the premises
  • Restocked cleaning supplies in restrooms and other areas as needed


Result: Sparkling clean clubhouse

  • Pool area spotless, with no debris or stains
  • Restrooms fresh and clean, with no lingering odors or unsanitary conditions
  • Game room neat and tidy, with no clutter or mess

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