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Clean My Refrigerator

When cleaning your kitchen, one of the most critical areas to focus on is the refrigerator. This appliance houses both raw and cooked foods, along with beverages and condiments, making it essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to reduce the risk of food poisoning. However, cleaning the refrigerator is a bit more intricate than cleaning other kitchen areas, and it’s important to avoid certain products. Fortunately, cleaning your fridge doesn’t have to be a daunting task. This guide outlines the appropriate products for cleaning the refrigerator and provides straightforward techniques to help you complete the task quickly and easily.

Can I Use Ordinary Kitchen Cleaning Products?

Certain kitchen cleaning products, like gentle surface wipes infused with natural citrus oils, are safe for use inside a refrigerator. However, you should avoid using other cleaning products. Many kitchen cleaners are potent and contain various chemicals designed to eliminate common kitchen germs. It’s crucial to prevent these products from coming into direct or even indirect contact with food. Although you can rinse off these products from the interior of the refrigerator, the risk of leaving behind a chemical residue that could lead to contamination is not worth taking. Instead, you can utilize your regular kitchen dishwashing liquid and warm water to clean the fridge’s interior and soak its drawers. Always adhere to the instructions provided on the label of any cleaning product.

Is Disinfectant OK to Use in the Fridge?

Never utilize disinfectants, such as bleach, inside refrigerators. These potent chemicals can pose health risks if they come into contact with food. Stick to specially designed products that are safe for use inside a fridge or consider using natural cleaners as an alternative.

Are Natural Products Useful?

Natural cleaning products can serve as highly effective and safe options for maintaining a clean and hygienic refrigerator. Ordinary baking soda works wonders for stain removal and odor absorption, while white vinegar is excellent for cleaning stainless steel components, including the doors of stainless steel refrigerator models. Ensure that you conduct a preliminary test in a small area to confirm that no adverse effects occur.

What are the Best Cleaning Methods?

Once you have all your kitchen cleaning products to hand (remember: no disinfectant!), it’s time to consider how to tackle the refrigerator. Here are some handy methods:
  • It may seem obvious, but remove all food before starting. Even if you’re only using natural products, you don’t want to be reaching around objects. Having an empty fridge makes the process so much easier, and removes the possibility of contamination.
  • Take out all removable parts, such as shelves and drawers. Fill a basin with warm water and regular dishwashing soap and leave these parts to soak before wiping and rinsing.
  • Wipe all surface areas either with commercial wipes, or with a combination of dishwashing soap and warm water. Use a microfibre cloth or a good quality sponge – these cleaning tools will not fall apart and leave little particles behind in the fridge.
  • For stubborn stains, mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water to produce a thick paste. Apply the paste to the stain and leave for an hour before wiping with a damp sponge or cloth. The baking soda should loosen the stain, making it easy to wipe away.


A refrigerator is the hub of our kitchen. We depend on it to safely store all of our perishable foods until we’re ready to use them.

Unfortunately, the refrigerator takes a lot of abuse. We stuff it full. We forget about leftovers. We leave spills until they’ve crystallized. Then we complain when there’s even the slightest unpleasant odor.

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