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Does Your Office Smell? This Will Make You Sick

You may not notice if you are there everyday, all the time. Here’s how you can keep it smelling fresh and clean when a customer walks in.

Keeping your office clean and smelling fresh is a huge part of every successful business. A simple odor can drastically change a person’s positive mindset into an unpleasant outlook. Here are some simple ways you can keep your office smelling fresh and clean.

Keep your office tidy and clean.

First things first, start tidying up today! Doing that is the best way you can help keep foul odors from coming into your office. Take away clutter first, then start cleaning your desk all the way to the office furniture, cabinets, chairs, carpets, windows, and everything that can possibly produce a smell. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean and deodorize your garbage can and waste baskets as this is usually where germs and bacteria take refuge and cause the office to smell. Although, hiring a professional office cleaning services is the best solution to totally clean your workplace, you are equally responsible in maintaining your area as much as possible. Remember, you want to make a good impression on your customers as well as your bosses. Make it a habit to keep your desk organized and tidy so that your customers will think you are a professional and responsible person, someone they will want to do business with.

Open your office windows.

Windows in your office should be opened daily before you start your air-conditioning unit to remove lingering foul smells from the previous day. This is important especially if your workplace often smells stuffy.

Use Baking Soda.

If you want to use some neutralizer to eradicate odors inside your room, good old baking soda can do the trick. Aside from being inexpensive, it is a non-toxic and natural remedy for a lot of cleaning issues.

Apply mild scents in your office.

You may use a plug-in air freshener or an oil diffuser, but before you buy them ask your officemates if they mind if you add air fresheners as some people may have allergies. A different approach, you may try is making an essential oil spray and freshen up the entire room. Simply mix 2 tbsp. rubbing alcohol, ¾ cup of water and around 20 drops of essential oil like lavender, lemon, vanilla, rosemary or orange. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray as needed. Again, check for allergies of those continually using the room to be sprayed.

All these suggestions can help you in keeping your office smelling fresher and cleaner. However, the most effective solution is hiring professional cleaning services for proper cleaning and maintenance of your workplace, as they have the necessary skills and training needed in eliminating unpleasant smells. They also use safe cleaning products, tools, and equipment in performing the task.

Office Regular Cleaning

Total Cleanz offers long term office regular cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of the workstations and provide healthy working environment to our customers. Our cleaning specialists have many years of experiences and are well-trained to meet our customers requirements. We are always on the go to create welcoming offices at all times to make favorable impression for your guests.

Our skilled and well equipped team is here to offer quality service to fix the fittings and fixtures, changing of new light bulbs, realignment of cabinet hinges, touched up and re-lamination  of furniture, and many more with the right tools to bring back the aesthetic look for your home. Our team will always conduct safety precaution to keep the surrounding safe while providing proper services to our clients

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