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Upholstery Cleaning by Total Cleanz

Restoring The Beauty and Freshness of All Your Upholstered Fabrics

Total Cleanz offers professional Upholstery Cleaning services in Singapore. Our service includes comprehensive deep upholstery cleaning, which safeguards the fabric of your sofas and chairs. Let us refresh and sanitize your mattress, sofa, and chair upholstery professionally!

How Do We Clean The Fabric Set?

Our specialist arrives equipped with an upholstery machine and cleaning products for your upholstery set. We start by vacuuming the furniture to remove any dirt particles. Next, we apply certified upholstery sanitizer to the fabric. We then use a high-pressure advanced machine to scrub the fabric and extract the germs and bacteria embedded in the fabric set, all done simultaneously.

Extraction Cleaning

The sofa cleaning process involves infusing high-pressure water into the fabric of your upholstered sofa and chairs. This process extracts all the accumulated dirt and moisture and is suitable for all types of fabrics.

Key takeaways: Steaming water extraction effectively removes grime, bacteria, pollen, and dust that has accumulated within the upholstery. After cleaning, the upholstery will be left slightly damp and will naturally dry on its own within 2 to 6 hours, depending on the fabric type.

Combine the upholstery cleaning with?

Booking upholstery cleaning with a specialised mattress cleaning or carpet cleaning, be it steam or dry cleaning, will save you time and provide you with an effective solution for both your carpets, mattresses and upholstered furniture.

You may also want to have your upholstered furniture thoroughly cleaned after some renovation project. If so, please consider combining the upholstery cleaning with our after spring cleaning services.

At Total Cleanz we provide professional different cleaning services at most reasonable prices.

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