Case Study : Spring Cleaning

total cleanz case study Cleaning An Unsanitary Premise

Situation:  Unit was in a badly maintained state & emit a bad odour   Solution:  Dispose rubbish & sweep off pests Apply hospital grade disinfectant solution to all bedrooms & bathrooms cabinets and floors Apply strong degreaser to kitchen Start cleaning process for 2 consecutive days   Result: A brand-new look alike unit Clean & […]

Case Study : 1st Case of Covid Disinfection

total cleanz case study 1st case of covid disinfection 1 min

Situation:  Received our 1st case on Covid disinfection in March 2020 nearing to circuit breaker Client was sent to hospital after a Covid infection We were engaged to conduct a professional disinfection process Solution:  Our appointed disinfection team attended a certified course on the proper steps on disinfection required by National Environment Agency early 2020. […]

Case Study : Deep Cleaning For Temple Roof & Glass Structures

total cleanz case study temple deep cleaning 6 min

Situation:  Aluminium roof cladding & glass panels were covered with thick soot, dirt & grease Unsightly Client wishes to give a fresh coat of paint on the roof cladding after deep washing   Solution:  Erect scaffolding of approx. 7m high Covered buddha statues & hanging lights properly before cleaning works Apply appropriate chemicals to the […]

Case Study : Kim Soon Lee Logistics (S) Pte Ltd

total cleanz case study kim soon lee logistics scaled e1680063210479

Situation:  Floors at lobby, staircase and toilets are not maintained for many years Black & stubborn stains are built up Unsightly   Solution:  Appropriate industrial grade chemicals are applied to the floors according to the tile’s material Machine floor scrubbing & pressure jetting services are provided 2 different types of floor scrubbers were used because […]

Case Study : Midnight Cleaning at Winners Nest Clubhouse

total cleanz case study winners clubhouse cleaning featured image

Challenge: Messy aftermath of a nighttime pool party Winners Nest Clubhouse hosted a pool party for members and guests. At the end of the night, the pool area was covered in trash, food, and drinks. The restrooms were in a terrible state, and the game room was a mess. The management team needed to clean […]